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99 Crucial Sites On 20th Century American History

An index of some of the most informative sites and articles covering many aspects of the American Military during the 20th century and early parts of the 21st.


The Canadian Association for Security & Intelligence Studies ( CASIS).

The Centre for Defense Information. A good site with access to a Arms Trade database, the Defense Monitor and the military spending clock.

The Centre for Defence and International Security Studies at Lancaster University, UK. Nice page with links to security issues of interest to the United Kingdom and the international community. Includes access to current research, missile threats and responses, topical issues and links to other security sites.

CDSS - University of Manitoba
The Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba. Information on the Centre itself as well as links to various other security related sites.

Canada Reseach Chair in International Security - Laval University

Canadian Forces College
The Canadian Forces College WWW site. Another excellent site that includes the Peace and Security WWW Server. Well worth a visit.

Centre for Military and Strategic Studies (CMSS)
A research centre at the University of Calgary specializing in defence and security studies across Canada.

Center for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS)
The mandate of the CSDS, located at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa, is to enhance awareness and understanding of security and defence policy issues and to broaden linkages with government, defence specialists, NGOS and the general public in pursuing this mandate.

Centre for Security Studies - Hull (CEUS)
The Centre for Security Studies at the University of Hull, UK. A nice web site with links to various strategic and security resources.

Centre for The Study of Diplomacy
The Centre for The Study of Diplomacy is located at the University of Leicester, UK. A page with useful links to information on Diplomacy as well as access to various on-line publications.

Commonwealth Institute Project on Defence Alternatives
The Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA) develops approaches to military policy that offer security and stability at lower levels of armed force and defense spending. It seeks to articulate and make plausible transitional paths from a world of armed deterrence and exclusive alliances to a future in which regional and global agencies of cooperative security and nonmilitary means can play the leading role in guaranteeing the peace; and, in which residual national armed forces would be limited to a strictly defensive role.

Department of International Politics - Aberystwyth
A great page with links to a whole host of security related resources as well as internal publications.

The Institute of International Studies at Berkeley. A good page with links to their recent publications and other useful links.

Institute for Security Studies
The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) was originally established as the Institute for Defence Policy by Dr Jakkie Cilliers, and Mr P.B.Mertz in 1991 and has offices in Pretoria and Cape Town and liaison offices in Maputo and Nairobi. The ISS is a regional research institute operating across sub-Saharan Africa.  Its mission is to conceptualize, inform and enhance the security debate in Africa.

Laurier Centre for Military and Disarmament Studies
The purpose of the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies is to foster research, teaching, and public discussion of military and strategic issues of national and international significance. The Centre was founded in 1991 with support from the Military and Strategic Studies program (now the Security and Defence Forum) of Canada's Department of National Defence.

Lester B. Pearson International Peacekeeping Centre
The Pearson Peacekeeping Centre is an independent organization established by the Government of Canada in 1994, and is a division of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies. Includes information on news, events, publications and information on courses available at the centre.

Loyola Homepage on Strategic Intelligence
Loyola University in Maryland, USA. Contains an excellent compilation of links to just about every site dealing with Strategic and Military Intelligence.

International Peace and Security Programme - Laval University

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world.

The Royal Military College in Kingston. A great site with access to college history, research links and much more.

The Royal United Services Institute for Military Studies. Based in the United Kingdom this site gives information on their various publications, news releases and how to become a member.

Security and Defence Forum
The Department of National Defence offers an extensive link collection of educational institutions which offer programs related to security and defence.

The School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, New York. A nice page with a searchable database. Includes links to SIPA publications, outside sources and various departments at Columbia.

Society for Military History
Established in 1933 as the American Military History Foundation, renamed in 1939 the American Military Institute, and renamed again in 1990 the Society for Military History, the Society is devoted to stimulating and advancing the study of military history.  This sends you their links page.



The School of Public Policy

US Army Command and General Staff College - Department of Joint and Multinational Operations
Expands student understanding, from a Service Component perspective, of Joint Force employment at the operational and tactical level of war. 





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