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 What’s the Saudi Game? 



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Jack Granatstein

Jack Lawrence Granatstein was born in Toronto on 21 May 1939.  He attended Le Collège militaire royal de St-Jean , the Royal Military College, Kingston, the University of Toronto, and Duke University, served in the Canadian Army , then joined the History Department at York University, Toronto where, after taking early retirement, he became Distinguished Research Professor of History Emeritus. Granatstein was a member of the Royal Military College of Canada Board of Governors, and from 1998 to 2000, he was the Director and CEO of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.   


Granatstein has been an Officer of the Order of Canada since 1996 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada since 1982. His book, The Generals (1993), won the J.W. Dafoe Prize and the UBC Medal for Canadian Biography. Canada’s National History Society named him the winner of the Pierre Berton Award for popular history (2004), and the Canadian Authors Association gave him its Lela Common Award for Canadian History in 2006. In 2008, the Conference of Defence Associations awarded him its 75th Anniversary Book Prize as “the author deemed to have made the most significant positive contribution to the general public’s understanding of Canadian foreign policy, national security and defence during the past quarter century.” He holds a number of honorary degrees.


Granatstein writes a monthly newspaper column for CDFAI and in each issue of Legion Magazine. He writes on 20th Century Canadian national history--the military, defence and foreign policy, Canadian-American relations, the public service, and politics and comments regularly on historical questions, defence, and public affairs in the media and speaks frequently here and abroad.  He is the author of numerous scholarly and popular books and articles.


He lives in Toronto.


Keywords: Canadian History, Military History, Canada-US Relations, Defence and Foreign Policy






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Monthly Column


December 2014
What’s the Saudi Game?

by J. L. Granatstein

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