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2014 Updates


7 Ways to Solve US Border Problems

by Earl H. Fry 


Canada’s New Defence Procurement Strategy: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?

by Sven Tommi Rebien


Coherent Grand Strategy? Perils of the “Pivot"
by Jimmy Peterson


Failed States or Failed Policies? Problem versus Enemies
by David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy


Iraq is Collapsing: It's Time to Reshape the Middle East Map
by Major (Ret’d) Michael Mitchell


Prime Minister Harper Risks Isolation with Imaginary Arctic Threats

by Joël Plouffe and Heather Exner-Pirot


Risky Business: Linking Afghanistan’s Extractive Industry to Peacebuilding Efforts

by Adam Simpson  


Stephen Harper's Arctic Paradox
by Joël Plouffe


The Agendas of State-Owned Enterprises Raise Foreign Policy, Not Just Domestic, Concerns

by Andrew Davenport






2013 Updates


Back to the Future: Debating Missile Defence in Canada… Again

by David S. McDonough 


Canada and the Arctic Council Series Archive

by the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute


Canada-China: Opportunities in Transition

by Peter Harder

Canada in Focus: How Good is our Foreign Aid Policy?
by David Carment, Rachael Calleja, and Yiagadeesen Samy


Full of Holes: Byers and Webb on Canada's Submarine Programme
by Paul T. Mitchell



Towards a North American Arctic Region

by Joël Plouffe


Why don’t diplomats get the respect they’ve earned?

by Daryl Copeland


Why the ASEAN Summit Matters to Canada… (and just where is Brunei anyway?)

by Hugh Stephens 







2012 Updates


A Canadian Primer to APEC
by Colin Robertson


A Canadian Primer to the 2012 US Primaries and Caucuses
by Colin Robertson


A President Soon? Where is Egypt Heading To?

by Ferry de Kerckhove


A Canadian Primer to the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico

by Colin Robertson


A Raucous Political Year for America

by Derek Burney


Canada and China: Take Nothing for Granted

by Hugh Segal


Canada and Iran: Looking Beyond the Present

by Ferry de Kerckhove


China’s Shadow: A Canadian Concern?

by Roger Girouard 


Cold Turkey or Slow Withdrawal? A Recipe for Haitian Success

by David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy


Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Spring

by Ferry de Kerckhove


Emerging Canadian Priorities and Capabilities for Arctic Search and Rescue

Radio Canada Interview

by Ron Wallace


Feeding the Hungry Dragon: Canada, Mongolia and China’s Resource Strategy

by Hugh Stephens and Charles Krusekopf


Fragile States: Stuck in Trap

by David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy


Forget Al-Qaeda: Think Mexico - Next Great Threat to Canadian Security

by Major Bernard Brister


Indian Aerospace: Poised for Takeoff?

by Rodnie Allison


Legal and Regulatory Constructs of Resource Management in Afghanistan and Mongolia

by Adam Simpson


Putin Profers an Arctic Gauntlet - How Should Canada Respond?

by Ron Wallace







2011 Updates


Being Rejected in the United Nations: The Causes and Implications of Canada’s Failure to Win a Seat in the UN Security Council
by Denis Stairs

Can Canada Have a Grand Strategy?

by Jack Granatstein 


Fertilizing the Arab Spring

by Nathaniel Lowbeer-Lewis


Libya: A Time for Others in the Region

by Derek Burney


Libya: Why Are We Involved
by Derek Burney

Reinventing CIDA – One Year Later
by Barry Carin


Russia and the 2010 NATO Strategic Concept: New Era of Partnership or Wishful Thinking?

by Mikayel Bagratuni


Security and Prosperity in the Canada-United States Relationship Two Sides of the Same Coin
by Thomas d'Aquino

The Social Underpinnings of the Current Unrest in North Africa and the Middle East

by David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy






2010 Updates


A Marshall Plan for Haiti? Think Again

by David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy

A Primer to the G8/G20 Toronto and Huntsville Summits
by Colin Robertson

Afghanistan: Out of Sight…?

by Derek Burney

Broken Promises: The Fragility Gap and the Millennium Development Goals
by David Carment and Yiagadeesen Samy

Canada-US Relations at 150

by Derek Burney


Canada-US Relations: No Time for Complacency
by Derek Burney


From the Operational to the Strategic: A Post-2011 Opportunity

by Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell

NATO Summit: Making Peace with Russia, Canada Notwithstanding
by Christopher Westdal

Redefining Security in the Post-Afghanistan Era: The Future of Canadian Military Policy in an Uncertain World
by Ron Wallace

The 2010 Midterms: A Primer for Canadians
by Colin Robertson


The Harper Government and Defence After Four Years
by Jack Granatstein

Towards a Coherent Reserve Strategy for the Canadian Forces
by Hugh Segal


Unstoppable Momentum: The Real Meaning and Value Behind Operation Nunavilut 10
by Ron Wallace and Whitney Lackenbauer

Welcome to a new era of Arctic Security
by Rob Huebert






2009 Updates


A Summary of Operation Nunalivut 2009
by Brian Flemming


After Obama’s First Hundred Days: The Pursuit of the Ottawa Agenda and the Need for a Permanent Campaign
by Colin Robertson

Breaking Global Deadlocks: A Canadian Track 1.5 Success
by Peter Heap

Canadian Interests Are No Longer Served by the G8
by Gordon Smith and Barry Carin

China Ascending
by Derek Burney

Comprehensive Action Plan for Afghanistan
by Sarah Chayes

Don’t Overburden or Undervalue NATO
by Alexander Moens

Engaging the Obama Administration
by Derek Burney

Getting it Done in Foreign Policy
by Derek Burney


Mr. Harper Goes to Washington
by Colin Robertson


Pirates Have Rights, Bring in the Police
by Patrick Lennox

Setting the Stage for the Obama Administration: The Players, the Program, and the Opportunities for Canada
by Colin Robertson

The Strategic Quagmire: Why Nation Building in Afghanistan is Failing
by Anil Hira

Why Canada Needs a Robust Arctic Air Rescue Capability
by Ron Wallace

Worthwhile Canadian Initiatives: On Banking and ‘Getting Government Right’
by Colin Robertson






2008 Updates


No Canadian guns, no Afghan reconstruction
by David Bercuson

The Audacity of Common Sense
by Derek Burney

The End of the Hillier Era
by Jack Granatstein

Who Will Succeed Hillier?
by Gen (Ret'd) Paul Manson

Why the Afghan Mission Should Cross Party Lines
by David Bercuson





2007 Updates


Presentation to the Standing Committee on National Defence
by LGen (Ret’d) George Macdonald

The Hollowing out of Corporate Canada?
by Derek Burney  







Monthly Column


December 2014
What’s the Saudi Game?

by J. L. Granatstein

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