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2014 Papers


Biometric-Based Authentication for Cyberworld Security: Challenges and Opportunities

by M.L. Gavrilova

Dr. M.L. Gavrilova, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Calgary examines the ever evolving field of biometric security. New vulnerabilities are discovered daily alongside new methodologies to combat them, however the most pressing concern is the relationship between online user identities and their identity in the real world. New research is being conducted everyday in this field, but many questions remain unanswered.






2013 Papers


Canadian Defence Commitments:
Overview and Status of Selected Acquistions and Initatives

by Elinor Sloan  

As the number of big-ticket items on Canada's military hardware shopping list has snowballed in recent years, Elinor Sloan investigates procurement in Canada. When the Harper government first came to power, supply ships and fixed-wing search-and-rescue aircraft were must-haves. Almost a decade later those projects remain, incredibly, unfinished. And today we must add to the postponed equipment needs of the Canadian Armed Forces, among other things, maritime helicopters, fighter aircraft, destroyer ship replacements, even your basic truck. What's gone wrong?






2012 Papers


Distributed Security as Cyber Strategy:
Outlining a Comprehensive Approach for Canada in Cyberspace

by Ron Deibert  

A new research paper by Ron Deibert, director of the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies at the Munk School of Global Affairs, reviews the world of cyber security through a global perspective.   The paper argues that cyber security is essential to a democratic country, as without a global communications network Canadians cannot communicate and share ideas freely, which is a critical component of its democratic system.



The Ghost of General Otter:
Putting the Canadian Forces Report on Transformation 2011 in Context

by Andrew Godefroy 

After nearly a decade of military commitment to war, counterinsurgency, and stability operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Canadian government in 2010 initiated a shift in its national security and economic policies that would ultimately lead to a significant contraction in the total level of funding invested in national defence, thus giving rise to the Canadian Forces Transformation Team (CFTT) under the direction of Gen. Andrew Leslie.

When the team produced its final Report on Transformation it appeared draconian and invited immediate criticism. However, Andrew Godefroy argues that despite all of the criticism the report will likely be adopted.






2011 Papers


Lessons Learned? What Canada Should Learn from Afghanistan

by David Bercuson and J.L. Granatstein
David Bercuson, Senior CDFAI Research Fellow and J.L. Granatstein, Senior CDFAI Research Fellow, examine Canada's decade long involvement in Afghanistan. During this time the Canadian Forces suffered substantial casualties. The country's military and political leadership learned on the job about the costs of war, the intractability of counterinsurgency warfare and the difficulties of managing an increasingly unpopular conflict through a long period of domestic political turmoil. But what did Canada learn?  


Operations Security and the Public’s Need to Know
by Sharon Hobson

In a new Research Paper from Sharon Hobson, CDFAI Research Fellow and Canadian correspondent for Jane's Defence Weekly, entitled Operations Security and the Public’s Need to know. The question is asked, is there “a disconnect between the public’s need to know and the military’s culture of secrecy”? Hobson says yes.






2010 Papers


Canada’s International Policy Statement Five Years Later 

by Andrew Godefroy 


China’s Strategic Behaviour 

by Elinor Sloan


Reinventing CIDA

by Barry Carin and Gordon Smith


Security in an Uncertain World: A Canadian Perspective on NATO’s New Strategic Concept

by Paul Chapin, et al.


The ‘Dirty Oil’ Card and Canadian Foreign Policy

by Paul Chastko


The Newly Emerging Arctic Security Environment

by Rob Huebert


Whatever Happened to Peacekeeping? The Future of a Tradition - English

Whatever Happened to Peacekeeping? The Future of a Tradition - en Français

by Jocelyn Coulon and Michel Liégeois






2009 Papers


Beneath the Radar: Change and Transformation in the Canada-U.S. North American Defence Relationship 

by James Fergusson


“Connecting the Dots” and the Canadian Counter-Terrorism Effort – Steady Progress or Technical, Bureaucratic, Legal and Political Failure?

by Eric Lerhe 


Democracies and Small Wars 

by Barry Cooper


Measuring Effectiveness in Complex Operations: What is Good Enough? 

by Sarah Jane Meharg 


The Canada First Defence Strategy – One Year Later 

by George Macdonald







2008 Papers


Canada and the United States as Good Neighbours

by David Haglund


Canada - U.S. Relations in the Arctic: A Neighbourly Proposal

by Brian Flemming


President Al Gore and the 2003 Iraq War: A Counterfactual Critique of Conventional “W”isdom 

by Frank Harvey


Redeployment as a Rite of Passage 

by Anne Irwin


The 2007 Ross Ellis Memorial Lectures in Military and Strategic Studies: Is there a Grand Strategy in Canadian Foreign Policy?

by David Pratt






2007 Papers


A Threatened Future:  Canada’s Future Strategic Environment and Its Security Implications

by J. L. Granatstein, Gordon S. Smith, Denis Stairs


Canada as the “Emerging Energy Superpower”: Testing the Case

by Annette Hester


Canada in Afghanistan: Is It Working?

by Gordon Smith


CFIS: A Foreign Intelligence Service for Canada

by Barry Cooper


Conflict in Lebanon: On the Perpetual Threshold

by Tami Amanda Jacoby


Military Transformation: Key Aspects and Canadian Approaches

by Elinor Sloan


Report on Canada, National Security and Outer Space

by James Fergusson


The Information Gap: Why the Canadian Public Doesn’t Know More About its Military

by Sharon Hobson






2006 Papers


Effective Aid and Beyond:  How Canada Can Help Poor Countries

by Danielle Goldfarb


The Homeland Security Dilemma:  The Imaginations of Failure and the Escalating Costs of Perfecting Security

by  Frank Harvey


An Opaque Window: An Overview of Some Commitments Made by the Government of Canada Regarding the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces; 1 January 2000 – 31 December 2004

by David J. Bercuson, Aaron P. Plamondon, and Ray Szeto


The Strategic Capability Investment Plan:  Origins, Evolution and Future Prospects

by Elinor Sloan






2005 Papers


Confusing the Innocent with Numbers and Categories:  The International Policy Statement and the Concentration of Development Assistance

by Denis Stairs


Effective Defence Policy for Responding to Failed And Failing States

by David Carment


In the Canadian Interest - Assessing Canada’s International Policy Statement - English

In the Canadian Interest - Assessing Canada’s International Policy Statement - en Français

by David J. Bercuson, Derek Burney, James Fergusson, Michel Fortmann/Frédéric Mérand, J.L. Granatstein, George Haynal, Sharon Hobson, Rob Huebert, Eric Lerhe, George Macdonald, Reid Morden, Kim Richard Nossal, Jean-Sébastien Rioux, Gordon Smith, and Denis Stairs


The Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves, 1995:  Ten Years Later - English

The Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves, 1995:  Ten Years Later - en Français

by J.L. Granatstein and LGen (ret’d) Charles Belzile


Two Solitudes:  Quebecers’ Attitudes Regarding Canadian Security and Defence Policy

by Jean-Sébastien Rioux





2003 Papers


In The National Interest:  Canadian Foreign Policy in an Insecure World

by  David J. Bercuson, Denis Stairs, Mark Entwistle, J.L. Granatstein, Kim Richard Nossal, and Gordon S. Smith


National Defence, National Interest: Sovereignty, Security and Canadian Military Capability in the Post 9/11 World

by J.L. Granatstein, David J. Bercuson, Jim Keeley, John Ferris, and Rob Huebert






2002 Papers


Conference Publication: Canadian Defence and the Canada-US Strategic Partnership







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