Ross Munro Award

Ross Munro Media Award 2012

The CDA is now accepting nominations for the 2012 Ross Munro Media Award, which recognizes one Canadian journalist who has made significant and outstanding contributions to the general public's understanding of issues related to Canadian defence and security. Nominations must be received by 1 September 2012.


General Statement

The Ross Munro Media Award was initiated, in 2002, by the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA), in concert with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI). Its purpose is to recognize, annually, one Canadian journalist who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to the understanding, by the general public, of Canada’s defence and security issues. Submissions can be made in either of Canada’s official languages.



What the nominee has produced for public consumption is considered noteworthy in the education of and understanding by Canadians of the needs and activities of its armed forces or the policy considerations thereof, in the preservation of Canadian democratic values. The product can take various forms such as: live reporting during hostilities or peacekeeping operations, written articles, radio or television series that precipitate major changes in Government policy or elicit increased public support for Canada’s armed forces and for what they do. The product will normally be widely acclaimed as a significant item of journalism.



The media production whether print or electronic (radio or televised) has been well researched, is particularly informative and serves to educate the Canadian public on security and defence matters. It is produced with style and clarity so as to generate informed opinion. The article, production or series is widely acclaimed for its accuracy, timeliness and interest.



The product will show evidence of in-depth research and analysis to support the conclusions. This may take the form of persistent and prolonged exposure to hazardous conditions in the collection of pertinent information and documentary evidence.



In the event that the selection of the winner of the award comes down to a choice between two or more nominees

of roughly equal merit, consideration should be given to the nominee who has not yet received recognition for his/her contribution over one who has received other media awards.




Previous Ross Munro Award Recipients


Mr. Adam Day (2012)

Ms. Rosie DiManno (2011) 

Mr. Murray Brewster (2010)

Mr. Brian Stewart (2009)

Mr. Alec Castonguay (2008)

Mr. Matthew Fisher (2007)

Ms. Christie Blatchford (2006)

Mr. Bruce Campion-Smith (2005)

Ms. Sharon Hobson (2004)

Mr. Garth Pritchard (2003)

Mr. Stephen Thorne (2002)




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