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Apr 30

A letter of mine to the Globe and Mail, unpublished:

An obscure war–and the Québécois’ persistence‏

Jeffrey Simpson refers (Quebec has replaced Alberta at the margins - April 25) to “the obscure War of 1812″ which leaves “Quebeckers totally indifferent”. Perhaps the Québécois should be better informed about that war and its consequences. Mr. Simpson might have taken the opportunity to point out that, had the war turned out differently, the pure laine of the province would have become Americans and the French language would almost certainly have died out.

If the Québécois are indeed indifferent, then the history they are taught may need some revision. And Mr. Simpson’s perspective alongside.


The paper used to publish my letters from time to time (there were several even earlier that seem to have gone “Poof!” in the Google ether, examples are here, here and here) but for the last year or so I have become, for some reason, persona non grata–even in their archive. Curious.

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  1. MarkOttawa Says:

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    Mark Collins

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