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Nov 16

Further to this post,

Burmese Days, or, China, the US and a Link in a Chain

Consider things from a Chinese viewpoint…With all the pivot talk the Dragon might well have reason to be concerned; US policy does seem a tad heavy-handed and almost provocative (not that China is any paragon these days)…

a US point of view–an excerpt from a guest-post at Tom Ricks’ “Best Defense” blog:

What’s the truth about U.S.-China strategic mistrust? You can’t handle the truth

While I believe that diplomacy and dialogue is important to the health of the relationship, many of problems the U.S. currently faces vis-à-vis China are not because of some miscommunication, but because of a serious conflict of interest. This is usually where someone chimes in that we have a lot we can cooperate on. Yes, fine. But the bottom line is this: China would feel less vulnerable if the U.S. reduced its presence and influence in Asia, and we aren’t going anywhere. This affects all aspects of the relationship. For example, when I tell my Chinese colleagues that the U.S. isn’t purposely creating conflict between China and its neighbors to undermine China’s rise, they don’t believe me. When Chinese interlocutors tell me that China would never use force to resolve its territorial disputes with Taiwan, Japan, India, Vietnam or the Philippines, I don’t believe them. And as long as Chinese behavior doesn’t change, my level of trust won’t either…

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