Mark Collins: Canada and the F-35: Government Apparently Shifts Position Fairly Substantially Mark Collins - Serious Politics
Nov 27

The current Canadian government has gained considerable, and undeserved, credit from terrifying us about supposed threats to our “Arctic sovereignty“. Now the prime minister wants to cover politically-motivated defence spending–at a time when he is pushing the Canadian Forces to reduce expenses (more on the CF’s budget problems)–under the guise of “sovereignty protection” in, gasp, Labrador!

Oinkety! Oinkety! Labrador mentioned below, I must have been wrong about the “need to assert our sovereignty” there:

The Misguided Fixation on the Arctic and Our Military

Now if one does want a sovereignty issue regarding Labrador note this map…More on Goose Bay and politics:

A CF Base is Not a Base Then is a Base–and Has Something to do With the Arctic

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2 Responses to “Mark Collins - PM Wants Pork to Goose RCAF, or, “Labrador Sovereignty””

  1. MarkOttawa Says:

    Note at the end of the last link above:

    By the way CFB Edmonton is at almost exactly the same latitude as Goose Bay–is it another vital part of asserting our Arctic sovereignty? With this government one never knows, does one?”

    Mark Collins

  2. MarkOttawa Says:

    Oh my goodness, that threat from the Dastardly Danes looks like going down the tubes. Whatever will our government do: “Hans off Labrador!”? (Edmonton too?):

    “Canada, Denmark reach tentative deal on decades-long Arctic waters dispute” (nice map)


    “Northern Headline of the Day”

    ‘The Danes: “armed to the teeth”’

    Mark Collins

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