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Dec 10

A comprehensive article at Defense Industry Daily that all should read. Earlier:

F35: Pentagon LRIP 5 “Agreement in Principle”/USAF 6th Gen. Fighter Thinking

F-35: The Canadian Conservative Government’s Lost Crusade

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  1. MarkOttawa Says:

    Some very sensible observations on possible Canadian F-35 costs at, by dataperson:

    ‘The financial situation is never as simple as fans or opponents of the F35 make it out to be. Applying a linear model (”Only $16M/ year!” [see post immediately above]) is as foolish as using a single cost (”$42 Billion dollars!”)

    The questions really come down to the type of money (capital or operating) and time when it’s needed. If the acquisition demands significant capital dollars at the same time as other projects, there may be challenges. Similarly, if the increase in O&M demand aligns with other increases when there’s no offsets or new funding, here will also be problems, regardless of the platform chosen.

    The other significant restriction in any acquisition project is the availability of qualified individuals to manage the acquisition. The larger the project, usually, the larger the staff to administer it. In periods of fiscal restraint, where DND is shrinking the number of public servants and contractors, and freezing the size of the Reg F, and seeking positions to implement other new capabilities, where will the people come from to execute the project? Perhaps more importantly, if this is set as a priority, what other projects will be delayed or abandoned - and what will the impact of those delays or cancellations be?’,22809.msg1194083.html#msg1194083

    Mark Collins

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