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Dec 10

Further to these posts,

Anyone Really Expect the National Shipbuilding Strategy to Go Smoothly?
[note earlier MERX listing seeking help]

RCN and National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy: Irving up to it?

this listing by Public Works and Government Services Canada at the government’s MERX contracts site convinces me that the government is hardly up either to carrying out the “Strategy“.  I can see no way the planned vessels will be built on budget or time:


The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to request that interested companies provide feedback and recommendations by way of written response to the questions posed in the RFI document (please order the associated component; see the link above). The questions posed are regarding a potential solicitation for the provision of Independent Third Party expertise and support to Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS) project offices.

Over the coming years, Canada will need to negotiate and manage several contracts under NSPS: ancillary contracts for understanding the ship design, engineering contracts for maturing the ship design, and build contracts for building and delivering the ships. In anticipation of these contracts, Canada has identified key areas where the support of an Independent Third Party Expert would help ensure that Canada achieves the most equitable, effective, and robust contracts possible, which contain acceptable levels of risk and provide value for money. Key areas identified include benchmarking of industry norms, shipbuilding expertise, and complex negotiation support. The knowledge and expertise provided by PWGSC and the Independent Third Party Expert would not overlap. Rather, the Third Party’s contributions would supplement PWGSC’s knowledge and expertise in these areas…

Help!  Indeed.  And this encourages one to think things must be fairly smelly:

Government won’t share winning shipbuilding bids with budget officer

Why the PBO is interested (and why the government is almost certainly running scared, what with the F-35 in mind), from this August:

Parliamentary Budget Officer to Examine Government Shipbuilding

See also the latter part of this post, and “Comments”, for the RCN:

What Type of Ships Does the RN Need?

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  1. MarkOttawa Says:

    For more on some planned new RCN ships (the Canadian Surface Combatant) see end of this post and the first comment:

    Mark Collins

  2. MarkOttawa Says:

    Still pretty relevant, from just over two years ago:

    “The Canadian Forces’ future, or, why the Globe and Mail is not a newspaper”:

    Mark Collins

  3. MarkOttawa Says:

    On Irving’s, Halifax, er, problems:

    Big Honkin’ Ships (3) “The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is unhappy about getting a redacted copy of a $304-million deal between the provincial government and Irving Shipbuilding that was signed in March. The federation made a request under the Freedom of Information Act within a day of the announcement asking for details of the deal, which includes a $260-million forgivable loan for upgrades to Irving’s Halifax Shipyard to help the company handle the building of $25 billion worth of combat vessels over the next 30 years. The other $44 million is a repayable loan offered to strengthen human resources, technology and industrial development in the marine industry. The federation’s Atlantic Canadian director, Kevin Lacey, calls the deal “secret” and says he wants Economic and Rural Development Minister Percy Paris to disclose all the details. Paris, however, says he has divulged all he can, according to the rules of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, or FOIPOP. “We want to know what the government got in concessions for its $260-million giveaway, and we want to know what the interest rates are on the $44 million in loans,” Lacey said. “Taxpayers deserve to know what their money is going for and how their money is being spent, and so far the government is stonewalling taxpayers having that knowledge.” ….”’


    ” New RCN Ships: The Big Subsidies (Provincial) Begin to Flow”

    Mark Collins

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