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Jan 10

1) Prime Minister Harper (see: “PM Gives Radarsat Constellation a Push“) comes through:

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates signs $706M Radarsat Constellation deal
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(Credit: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.)]

2) The headline, who’s a jerk?

Fake parts in Hercules aircraft called a genuine risk

Documents show the Canadian military has known about the bogus electronic chips in the giant [actually the C-17s are the giants] Hercules C-130J aircraft since at least July 2012, but continued to hide the fact during a CBC News investigation months later.

The military continues to fly the new Hercs with the fake parts, and says it still has no immediate plans to replace them.

A 14-month investigation by the powerful U.S. Senate armed services committee concluded last year [May 2012] that counterfeit parts in the Hercules transports and other American-made military equipment are prone to failure with potentially “catastrophic consequences.”..

In response to the damning U.S. investigation, Canada’s then associate minister of defence Julian Fantino told CBC News last May that this country’s new fleet of Hercules was not infected with the bogus parts.

“At this point in time, other than continuing to be vigilant, we don’t have any particular concerns in this country,” the minister said…

In fact elements of the story were already out in November 2011:

China Counterfeit Parts in U.S. Military Aircraft

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Research Fellow at the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

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  1. MarkOttawa Says:

    “Hercules jets are safe despite Chinese fake parts: Department of National Defence”

    Mark Collins

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