Mark Collins - “The most dangerous country in the world?” Mark Collins - Bin Laden: Langley and Pentagon Hand in Hand (and Into the Future)
May 24

A collection of some of them is available here.  Background:

Sixth Estate’s Top Picks from the Canadian WikiLeaks Cables

…Sixth Estate is going to maintain a list of documents relevant to Canadian politics and foreign affairs at the Sixth Estate Watchlist. Note: this is not a mirror of WikiLeaks. It is a collection of documents specifically related to Canada…

Soon, I’ll expand the Watchlist database to include the rest of what WikiLeaks has released from the cable archive, as well as a number of other important sets of documents which are increasingly difficult to find online. For the moment, however, you can find links to around half of the WikiLeaks documents from Canada, sorted by subject area. As anyone who has worked in diplomatic history will not be surprised to learn, the vast majority of the documents are unclassified summaries of public news…

Mark Collins is a prolific Ottawa blogger

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