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Apr 02

We’re getting a few (the RCAF cannot train enough itself!):

RCAF sets sights on Brit pilots
Downsizing RAF’s loss is Canada’s gain in experienced, skilled personnel

Faced with a shortage of pilots, Canada’s air force is turning its attention to Britain and is looking to hire out-of-work military aviators from that country…

Britain is undertaking significant reductions to its defence budget and the Royal Air Force expects to cut 5,000 personnel over the next five years. Among those will be 170 pilots who are in various stages of training. That could provide a windfall for the Royal Canadian Air Force, which is looking to scoop up some of the laid-off pilots, according to documents obtained by the Citizen…

“Successful skilled ex-RAF enrollees will join the (Canadian Forces) in a phased approach over the coming four years,” Capt. Jean-Fran├žois Lambert explained in an email Friday. “The goal is to achieve a swift and direct impact to address skilled personnel shortages by attracting candidates who require minimal conversion training.”

The first ex-RAF pilot was enrolled into the RCAF in November and the service expects to accept another 20 to 25 pilots and eight air combat systems officers this year, he added.

It is unclear how many ex-RAF pilots Canada hopes to eventually hire.

Last year, the Citizen revealed the air force was not training enough pilots to meet its needs while at the same time it faced losses due to a wave of retirements and the recruiting of skilled staff by commercial airlines…


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